The Way I See It

"I am lost in my mind
I get lost in my mind"
- The Head and the Heart

They Walk Around On Clouds

They walk around as if they are on clouds

but they are not clouds of white fluff and dreams

they are grey.  Grey clouds, clouded with

smoke and dust and terrible envious thoughts.  

Thoughts of jealousy and possession. 

Thoughts of lust and of vengance.

I’m not a loosely wrapped Christmas box

Waiting under the tree

For you to unwrap with your

Dirty, quick moving fingers.

I want you to peel off

My paper with care.

Slowly untie my ribbon with delicate

Hands and patience.  

Remember yesterday?

Remember yesterday?

When I fell on the pavement

and skimmed my knees on 

the hot summer asphalt?

I didn’t cry 

because my fresh pink skin

was sore. 

I cried because you

didn’t give me a hand.


I always dreamed of changing

the world.  They said that

it was impossible. 

They were wrong.  

See it’s hard to confess, but I miss all the time we spent
I can’t explain.
Cause when I start up the nerve to reach out to you baby
It just floats away.

6 AM- Fitz and the Tantrums